Welcome to Mittal Group. Our values are based on integrity, honesty and ethics and we apply them to develop our different business practices and foster relations with our clients. Mittal Group started as a young and energetic company, with an entrepreneurial spirit, Mittal Group was able to position itself as one of the players in the industry. We are also taking further steps towards our expansion both horizontally; by expanding in other regional markets, as well as vertically; by expanding our range of products and services to satisfy the ever developing local demand. Our team forms a consolidated, well trained and diligent group that has proven its potential. We are challenged daily by the thrill of serving our clients and pushing the boundaries further striving to become the top Producer & supplier in India.

All of the above makes me very proud to belong to Mittal Group, it also enables us as a company to continue exerting all our efforts to remain a leader in today’s competitive world.

Best Regards,
Kunal Agrawal